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Press Brake
Our hydraulic press brake is engineered to strengthen your workshop. CNC controlled, it offers high productivity and cost-efficient solutions. It is designed for high accuracy, reliability and dynamic. Also, there is advanced electric / hydraulic system. Our machines come with innovative technologies that deliver maximum precision. They have ergonomic design for easy installation & training.
Plasma Cutting Machine
Our plasma cutting machines are engineered to produce sharp & high-quality cuts. They are great for professional welding shops and private garages etc. Typical materials cut include steel, aluminum, copper and brass. Our precision plasma systems give optimum results. There are automated functions, user-friendly control, and stable motion. The system is designed for accurate & reliable performance.
Punch Press
Our CNC turret punch press is engineered to meet mass production needs. It is perfect for the metal forming industry. There is high capacity, automated punching system, and other necessary features. Also, we provide optimum punching solution for variable productions. The advanced hydraulic driven system ensures unmatched performance, low operating costs & superior reliability.
Laser Cutting Machine
Our fiber laser cutting machines are engineered for high speed, precision & control. With innovative laser cutting technology, they offer improved productivity, reduced operational costs and flexibility. Also, they adopt sophisticated fiber laser source. Our machines have outstanding rigidity, stability and reliability. They perfectly work for different applications and materials.
CNC Punching Machine
We offer perfect CNC punching machines. These are ideal for efficient metal stamping processes. They are developed for high speed, precision and flexibility. The machines are engineered to meet high demands in modern punching. There is easy setting, fast processing & intuitive user interface. The innovative system is capable to handle both, simple and complex task.
CNC Hydraulic Guillotine Shear
Our CNC hydraulic guillotine shear offers excellent cut and perfect rate. It cuts all type of metal sheet, and maintain high production capacity. This machine is engineered for maximum precision & quality. Ideal for the sheet metal industry, it offers modern-day technology for your work-shop. The innovative hydraulic system & electronics meet all your production needs.